13. WRITE: Special Occasion Speeches Gone Bad...(DUE May 7, accepted for PARTIAL credit until May14)


Many of us have witnessed a special occasion speech, whether at a wedding, tribute, funeral, political rally or graduation. Write a short, one page paper, sharing a time that you have witnessed a special occasion speech that was BAD, and what made it so unsuccessful. For example, you may have listened to a speaker who could not quit saying umm, and it was really distracting, or a speaker who spoke very quietly and was difficult to hear, or a speaker who chose a topic that was not appropriate to the occasion. There are a lot of different ways that a speech can go BAD. Being able to recognize what does not work in public speaking, will help you to become a better public speaker yourself. You will use google docs to create and share this assignment.


You will utilize google docs in order to create and share your special occasions speeches gone bad assignment.

*Go to your google docs and then click CREATE NEW DOCUMENT in the left hand corner.
*Name your document with your LASTNAME, then Speeches Gone Bad. (ex. BRAY Speeches Gone Bad)
*Write your short one page paper.
*When you are finished click SHARE in the right hand corner.
*Check the box "allow anyone from Open High School of Utah to edit, then click SAVE. (Checking this box allows your instructor to write comments on your assignment.)
*Copy the link to the document (the top field of the SHARING SETTINGS window).
*To submit your assignment, click EDIT MY SUBMISSION (in Moodle) and paste the document link.