10. ASSIGNMENT: Rhythm Basics Note Types

Rhythm Basics Note Types (20 points)

For this assignment, you will be watching a video and completing a viewing guide.  The video is found below the list of instructions; the link to the viewing guide is found in step one. 

1.  Click HERE to open the Viewing Guide.  
It will be a pdf that will open in a new window.  The pdf has fields that allow you to type in them to add your answers. After you complete the entries, you must PRINT your pdf using a pdf printer (i.e. CutePDF).  This will save a copy of your viewing guide as a pdf to your computer.  

2. You MUST PRINT your viewing guide using a PDF printer.  This will save your viewing guide as a pdf to your computer.  If you do not do this step, all your answers will not be saved!  

To print, right click on the completed viewing guide and choose print. Choose the pdf printer (i.e. CutePDF).   Name your viewing guide 'Lastname_rhythm (ex. Weston_rhythm).  If you do not have a pdf printer installed, go to this link to install CutePDF.  

5.  To submit your assignment, return to this page. Click the Add Submission button.

6.  Click the +Add button

7.  Click the button Choose a File to open the file picker

8.  Use the File Picker to select your saved viewing guide.  Click Upload this File.

9.  Click Save Changes

After you have completed this part of the lesson, you can check the box for this lesson piece in the course to mark it as complete