21. ASSIGNMENT: Noteflight Major Scales

ASSIGNMENT: Noteflight Major Scales (20 points)

For this assignment, you will be using Noteflight to edit a piece of music.  You will be notating scales, according to instructions.

1. Click HERE to open our class Noteflight site

2.  Log in.  

Your username is: 

Your password is: 

3.  AFTER you are logged in, click on this link to open the Major Scales Assignment Template in Noteflight.

(You can also access the template by clicking on Scores>Browse and searching for the score template called Major Scales Assignment)

4.  Follow the instructions on the screen and add in the stated sharps and flats to notate the major scales.  Use one measure for each scale notation .  If you have questions on how to edit the score, refer back to the basics video in this week's lessons.

5.  When you are complete, click File>Save. This will save your work.  Your teacher will be able to view your work in Noteflight.

6.  In Moodle, click Add a Submission to open the text box.  Type, "I have completed the Accidentals Assignment in Noteflight" and click Save Changes.

This assignment will be marked as complete after it has been graded by the instructor.