ASSIGNMENT: Screencasts

Instructions: Create a screencast using screencast-o-matic that has YOU narrating and inking.  The screencast should demonstrate how to do something - you are free to choose the subject.  (Ideas - take a screenshot of your screen and then ink over the screenshot, demo something you have learned in tech tools so far, etc)  

HERE is a great example of a screencast with inking done by Danielle A.   

Once you have finished the screencast, publish the screencast to your screencast-o-matic account.  Copy the link to the screencast (if you forgot how, click HERE for a reminder!). Then, come to this assignment page in moodle. To submit the assignment to moodle, click ADD SUBMISSION. Type or paste your text into the box. Click SAVE CHANGES to submit your assignment

Total points: 10

After you have completed this assignment, it will be marked as complete with a checkmark after it has been graded by the instructor.