Instructions: Make a Prezi about your family.

  • You must include at least 5 different pictures (use generic pictures from the internet or family pictures from your computer)
  • You must include written text introducing each picture of that particular person/thing - if your family likes to go boating, write a little blurb about it. If your brother is in 5th grade, talk about it. Etc. etc.
  • Your Prezi must have frames around EACH of the pictures on your Prezi, so at least 5. (Click HERE for the tutorial.)
  • Your Prezi must have path points so that your viewer can see the frames you are showing in the correct order. (Click HERE for the tutorial.)
  • Your Prezi must have audio on your FIRST item using Vocaroo.  Your teacher needs to hear your voice using Vocaroo!  (Click HERE for the tutorial.)
  • Save and share your Prezi,  Make sure that you make your Prezi public or else your teacher can not view it! (Click HERE for the tutorial.)

To turn in your Prezi, copy the link to your Prezi.  Come back to this assignment in moodle, click Add Submission, paste your link into the box and click Save Changes to submit your assignment.

HERE is a great example of a prezi done for this assignment by Courtney P. HERE is another great example done by Nathan S!

You will be graded on the formatting and functionality of your prezi. You will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • 2 points - Prezi contains 5 different images.
  • 2 points - Text has been added introducing each item in the prezi.
  • 2 points - Frames are inserted around each of the 5 images.
  • 2 points - Path points have been added to presentation.
  • 1 point - Audio file from Vocaroo has been added to the FIRST item in the prezi. 
  • 1 point - Prezi has been correctly shared with instructor and made public.

Total: 10 points

After you have completed this assignment, it will be marked as complete with a checkmark after it has been graded by the instructor.