ASSESSMENT: Computer Buying Project Part 2

Computer Buying Project Part 2 (30 pts)

For your Computer Buying Project you will be conducting three different parts.  

  • Part 1: Interview a family member or friend about what type of personal computer they will need.
  • Part 2: Research which computer will be best for your friend or family member and put together a spreadsheet comparison of three different types of computers. 
  • Part 3:  Put together a google presentation that explains each of the three options along with a recommendation of which computer you feel will be best based on your family member/friend's needs.
For specific directions on how to complete Part 2, please click HERE.

You will only be uploading Part 2 of your Computer Buying Project in this assignment.  Please follow the following directions to submit your assignment.

  1. When you have completed your assignment in Google Docs, click Share in the right hand corner

  2. Change the sharing setting to Anyone can comment. This will allow your teacher to comment on your assignment.

  3. Click Copy Link

  4. To submit your assignment, return to this page and click Add Submission

  5. Paste the link to your Google Doc in the box (cntl+v)

  6. Click Save Changes to submit your assignment