PROJECT: Privacy Activity

Privacy Activity

Watch the following video about your data footprint.

Choose one of the following scenarios:

A. A boss sees an employee who called in "sick" in a picture that someone posted on Facebook.  In this picture the employee is partying the night before.  The boss fires the employee.

B. A company who has contracts with the Federal Government doesn't want to hire you because a Facebook friend leaves lots of enthusiastic "legalize marijuana"  postings on your wall.

C. A teacher is fired because there's a picture of this teacher holding alcoholic drinks on her MySpace page.

D. Someone's Netflix rental history is being used as evidence in a murder case because this person rented a lot of horror movies.

E. An 18-year-old boy is charged with distributing child pornography when he uses his cell phone to send naked images of his 17-year-old ex girlfriend to his friends.

Put together a google presentation that includes answers to the following:

1. Your name

2. The scenario you described.

3. In your scenario, based on your opinion did the people have the right to use the information they did or should it have been private?  Why?

4. Are the people who were affected by the use of this information at fault?  Why?

5. Give another example of something unexpected happening because of information shared at sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs.

6. Think about what data you've made available in different paces/spaces such as Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Netflix, email, at the grocery store, etc.  What might other people think about who you are based on these data?  Is it an accurate impression of who you are?

7. Consider each of the following broad categories of societal change (click on each word for a definition):

    · Privacy

    · Safety

    · Globalization

    · Connectivity (keeping in touch with people)

    · Permanence of historical information

8. Discuss whether availability of data has had a positive or a negative impact on each aspect of society and, if negative, how these consequences can be minimized. **Make sure you address each of the above categories for full credit!

Click HERE to view a set of tutorials that can help you create a google presentation.

Submit your google presentation:

  • When you have completed your assignment in Google Presentation, click Share in the right hand corner
  • Change the sharing setting to Anyone at Mountain Heights Academy can comment. This will allow your teacher to comment on your assignment. 
  • Click Copy Link
  • To submit your assignment, return to this page and click Add Submission
  • Paste the link to your Google Presentation in the box (cntl+v)
  • Update the Privacy Project page in your Exploring Computer Science Portfolio.  Submit the link to your portfolio below your link to your Privacy Activity Project.