ACTIVITY: Data Journal

Data Journal

Pick one entire day (24 hours) to track your data. That will include your alarm going off in the morning to setting your alarm at night. (You might not have data recorded when you sleep, but to prove it was a full day of tracking, the alarm or wake/sleep time is helpful.)

Each piece of data that you track will need to be categorized in one of the following six categories:

  • Communication

  • Electronic (but does not use Internet)

  • Financial

  • Internet

  • School/Work

  • Travel

Some of the pieces of data might fit in more than one category. Pick only ONE category for each. If it fits into more than one, think of which one you think it fits in the most. Below is an example of some different things that might be journaled during a day. FYI: These are just a few examples and how they would be categorized, not a full 24 hour example.

Use Google Sheets to create your data journal. Click HERE for a tutorial on how to work with Google Sheets. This site contains multiple tutorials so find and view all that you need! The above three columns are required: Time, Data, and Category. Be sure to professionally and correctly format the spreadsheet including enlarging the columns to fit all of the information included and use of borders. Include your name somewhere on the spreadsheet.

Instruction for Submitting 

  1. Complete the assignment and save the document in Google Docs as LASTNAME Assignment Name.

  2. When you are finished click Share in the right hand corner

  3. Change the sharing setting to Anyone at Mountain Heights Academy can comment. This will allow your teacher to comment on your assignment.

  4. Click Copy Link

  5. To submit your assignment, return to this page and click Add Submission

  6. Paste the link to your Google Doc in the box (cntl+v)

  7. Click Save Changes to submit your assignment