ASSIGNMENT: Representing Data

Representing Data

Last week you completed your 24 hour Data Journal.  Click HERE to open the Data Journal assignment.  After opening the assignment, please open your actual Data Journal. You will now be creating a chart to show how much of each category is being used throughout the day.

Instructions for Making the Chart

  1. Start by counting how many entries you have of each category and make a new table with that information.  See the example below for how this table should look.
  2. Highlight/select the categories and counts and Insert > Chart.
  3. You can decide what type of chart, but make sure the values of each are known. (ie: for a pie chart percentages should appear, for a bar chart the y axis should have values, ect.)  Just make sure that you choose a chart that is appropriate for your data.

Below is an example of a chart created from a data journal. 


Below is a tutorial for how to create a chart using Google Spreadsheet.  Please be aware that the first four minutes are dedicated to making a table of his data.  He then goes into detail about how to create the chart.

Requirements for your chart.

  1. Your chart will need to be on a separate sheet than your Data Journal. Rename each sheet to help identify its contents.
  2. Make sure your chart type makes sense for the data being represented.
  3. Use color
  4. Include a chart title

Instructions for Submitting Assignment

  1. When you have completed your assignment in Google Docs, click Share in the right hand corner

  2. Change the sharing setting to Anyone at Mountain Heights Academy can comment. This will allow your teacher to comment on your assignment.

  3. Click Copy Link

  4. To submit your assignment, return to this page and click Add Submission

  5. Paste the link to your Google Doc in the box (cntl+v)

  6. Click Save Changes to submit your assignment