ASSIGNMENT BRAINGENIE: Free-Body Diagrams Goal (5 points)

1.  Click here to access BrainGenie. 

2. Click Sign In.  Type your school email address and your personal password.

3.  Once you have accessed your account, click on Goals and then on the Free-Body Diagrams Goal.

4.   There is 1 skill that you need to complete for this goal.  Click on each skill and practice it until you have completed the skill.  After you have completed all the skills, click HOME (along the top bar of BrainGenie) and you can return to your list of goals.  

5. Take a screen shot of your completed goal.  It will look similar to the image below. Save the screenshot image to your computer.  If you need help with taking a screenshot, refer to the screenshot tutorial in the Getting Started section of the course.

6.  To submit your assignment, return to this page.  Click the Add Submission button.

7.  In the text box that appears, click the INSERT IMAGE icon .  Click BROWSE REPOSITORIES, then CHOOSE FILE to navigate to where you saved your image.  Click UPLOAD THIS FILE.  Click the box for DESCRIPTION NOT NECESSARY.  Click SAVE IMAGE.  You should now see your image in the textbox.

8.  Click Save Changes

After you have completed this assignment, it will be marked as complete with a checkmark after it has been graded by the instructor.