WRITE- Current Events Poem


Current Events Poem

STEP 1) Think of current event that you passionate about. Is there a situation or controversial topic that interests you? (DO NOT WRITE ABOUT ABORTION. ITS TOO CONTROVERSIAL AND EMOTIONALLY CHARGED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT!!)

STEP 2) Read articles about your topic. In this book are a few resources about current events. Read through these for inspiration.

STEP 3) What about this issue interests you? How does it make you feel?

STEP 4) Compose a list of words that describe both your thoughts and your feelings.

STEP 5) Create a poem dealing with this topic describing your thoughts and feeling. You may use any format. Think about the poems you read in the Modern and Postmodern unit. How did they convey their thoughts and feelings?

STEP 6) Read your poem aloud. Make necessary changes to your poems format and punctuation to articulate what you are trying to state.