READ: Usability


Last quarter we had a discussion where I asked you about what Web design meant and who the stakeholders are for a Web site; ring a bell?

Hopefully among the stakeholders that you identified you included the end-user or simply the user, who is, in many cases, also known as the customer or consumer. 

Why do users come to a Web site? Why do any of us do anything? We have a need for something. Users go to a Web site to acquire something, for example, information or a product. In other words they need to accomplish a task. This is quintessentially the end-user's goal, and usability expert Jared Spool describes the behavior of a web site user as a hunter seeking it's prey in often unfamiliar or difficult terrain. So in order to satisfy the user as a stakeholder, first and foremost a Web site must provide the customer with what she wants, and as quickly and as easily as possible. 

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