Case Study: Apple Computers

The last module mentioned Apple Computer as an iconic brand. The following videos show just how much Apple has worked to become an icon of modern life.

Here is Apple Computer's Iconic Ad 1984 directed by Ridley Scott. It only was only played twice, although one of those times was in the Superbowl for that year.

Here is another ad campaign for Apple called "Think Different” created in 1997. This campaign ran in several mediums including Television commercials, print advertising, and outdoor billboard. Print advertisements from the campaign were published in many mainstream magazines such as Newsweek and Time. Sometimes these were traditional advertisements, prominently featuring the company's computers or consumer electronics along with the slogan. However, there was also another series of print ads that were more focused on brand image than specific products. They featured a portrait of one of the historic figures shown in the television ad, with a small Apple logo and the words "Think Different" in one corner, with no reference to the company's products.

In this video clip, the Los Angeles office of advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day discusses how they approached this ad campaign.

Need any more proof that Apple hasn't become intertwined with creativity and "thinking different"? Watch the results of this study conducted by Duke University.

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