READ: Proximity

There is an implied relationship between items that are close together, so make sure that you put related items together and unrelated items spaced apart.

  • A headline should be close to the text that it announces.
  • If a headline is two lines long, those two lines should be close to each other.
  • Captions should be close to the pictures they describe. 

Look at these two notices:

Proximity means more than headlines and picture captions. It also means grouping 'like' things together. Look at the two business cards below and see which one is more appealing:

In the first design, the items grouped together don't really go together. In the second design, all contact information is in one place, details about the work being offered is all grouped in a second place. This may seem too obvious to even mention, but once you start taking note, you'll be amazed at how many flyers or cards or websites are designed without following this logic.

In summary, proximity - keep like items together. For example, all contact information (address, website URL, email contact, telephone number) should be in one place.

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