Standards - Week 16

Week 16 - Standards


Standard 1 - Students will assemble and create works of art, manipulate art media, and organize images with the elements and principles of art.

Objective 1 - Refine techniques and processes in a variety of media.

  • Experience and control a variety of media, including current arts-related technologies. 
  • Select and analyze the expressive potential of art media, techniques, and processes. 
  • Practice safe and responsible use of art media, equipment, and studio space.

Objective 2 Create works of art using art elements and principles.

  • Create expressive works of art using art elements, including form, texture, value, and depth. 
  • Create expressive works of art using principles to organize the art elements, including unity and emphasis.


Standard 3 Students will create meaning in art.

Objective 1 Create content in works of art.

  • Identify subject matter, metaphor, themes, symbols, and content in works of art.
  • Create works of art that effectively communicate subject matter, metaphor, themes, symbols, or individually conceived content.
  • Create divergent, novel, or individually inspired applications of art media or art elements and principles that express content.


Standard 4 Students will find meaning in works of art through settings and other modes of learning.

Objective 1 Align works of art according to history, geography, and personal experience.

  • Use visual characteristics to group artworks into historical, social, and cultural contexts; e.g., cubist view of the Egyptians, tenebrism of the Baroque. 
  • Analyze the impact of time, place, and culture on works of art. 
  • Evaluate own relationship with artworks from various periods in history.

Objective 3 Evaluate the impact of art on life outside of school.

  • Examine careers related to visual arts.
  • Predict how the visual arts can add quality to life and lifelong learning.
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