Business Web Design


The student will create and prepare images to integrate with web site designs. Example image

software: Fireworks, Photoshop, Picasa, Paint, etc. (Suggested time proportion: 15%)

Objective 1: Open and save an image in a web friendly format. Business Web Page Design Page 3 of 3

Revised: July 2009

Objective 2: Crop and resize various images.

Objective 3: Add a border and/or drop shadow to an image.

Objective 4: Optimize an image (resize and change resolution for optimal load time).

Objective 5: Make buttons and/or navigation bar.

Objective 6: Create a logo and/or banner to incorporate into a Web page.

Objective 7: Use a scanner and/or digital camera to incorporate photos into a Web page.

Objective 8: Enhance an image to improve photo quality (red eye, autocolor, etc.).

1. Slicing Images

Web Development

*Objective 3: Create content for website

a. Create and prepare 2D images.

b. Prepare rich media; such as, video, sound, or animation.

c. Identify when to use various image and digital media file formats.

d. Edit, and slice images for web content.

e. Insert navigation bars, rollover images, or buttons created in graphics editor

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