How to Complete Activity Logs

During this course, you will be documenting 40 instances of physical activity, each a minimum of 30 minutes. Each activity log will document 5 workouts. After you complete 1 full activity log (5 workouts), submit it for grading, then continue to document your activity in the next activity log.

Here is how you can log your exercise activity:

1.  Complete at least 30 consecutive minutes of exercise or aerobic activity.  You will be entering the date, duration, intensity and activity type of the workout.  In addition, you will be documenting whether you were exercising in your target heart rate.  Be sure to have collected this information on your workout.

2.  Click on the Activity Log

3.  Click Attempt Quiz Now to enter your activity log

4.  Answer the questions for your specific workout. (You will be documenting 40 workouts during this course).  Make sure you are entering the data/information in the text boxes for the correct workout.

5.  Click Finish Attempt.  This will save your work, but will not submit your assignment.   There is room to document 5 workouts in an activity; you will be returning to this activity log to enter data on all 5 workouts before you submit your assignment for grading.

6.  Return to the log to enter the information for the additional workouts.  

7.  When you have completed and logged all 5 workouts, click Finish Attempt and then Submit All and Finish.  This will submit your activity log for grading.

After you have completed this part of the lesson, you can check the box for this lesson piece in the course to mark it as complete   

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