Standards Covered this Week:

STANDARD 50040701 - Students will develop an awareness of career opportunities in digital photography and an overview of the history of photography.


  • 500407‐0102 History of Photography.
  • 500407‐0103 History of Digital Photography.
  • 500407‐0104 Introduction to Digital Photography.

STANDARD 50040703 - Students will be able to identify different types of digital cameras, the location of their basic components, and the benefits and drawbacks of each type.


  • 500407‐0302 Digital Point and Shoot cameras.
  • 500407‐0303 Digital Single‐Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras.
  • 500407‐0304 Digital Professional/Studio cameras.

STANDARD 50040706 - Students will be able to understand and perform camera work.


  • 500407‐0601 Identify basic digital camera parts and their functions (i.e. viewfinder or LCD monitor, lens, mode dial, shutter button, etc.)
  • 500407‐0606 Identify some of the basic differences between digital Point and Shoot and digital SLR cameras (i.e. size, weight, and lens options).
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