STANDARDS Covered this week


STANDARD 50040701 - Students will develop an awareness of career opportunities in digital photography and an overview of the history of photography.


  • 500407‐0101 Develop career awareness related to working in the photography industry.

STANDARD 50040702 - Students will be able to understand and apply the multistep process of “workflow”.


  • 500407‐0202 Identify the multi‐step process of workflow as it relates to Image editing.
    • Image Transfer (downloading files to a computer).
    • Image Management (organizing files, photo selection and managing folders).
    • Image Editing (Straighten, rotate, limited crop, adjust tonal range, contrast, and color correction).
  • 500407‐0204 Apply and modify this multi‐step process or steps to develop and apply your own digital workflow.

STANDARD 50040703 - Students will be able to identify different types of digital cameras, the location of their basic components, and the benefits and drawbacks of each type.


  • 500407‐0301 Camera Phones and PDA Cameras.
  • 500407‐0302 Digital Point and Shoot cameras.
  • 500407‐0303 Digital Single‐Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras.
  • 500407‐0304 Digital Professional/Studio cameras.

STANDARD 50040706 - Students will be able to understand and perform camera work.


  • 500407‐0601 Identify basic digital camera parts and their functions (i.e. viewfinder or LCD monitor, lens, mode dial, shutter button, etc.).
  • 500407‐0602 Understand focal length and identify appropriate lens for specific needs (i.e. wide angle, normal, telephoto, zoom, and optical verses digital zoom).
  • 500407‐0606 Identify some of the basic differences between digital Point and Shoot and digital SLR cameras (i.e. size, weight, and lens options).

STANDARD 50040708 - Students will be able to demonstrate basic proficiency in the use of Adobe Photoshop.


  • 500407‐0801 Create a contact sheet or index print using Photoshop.
  • 500407‐0802 Demonstrate tonal adjustments (i.e. histogram, Brightness and Contrast, Shadow/Highlight correction, Levels, Dodge and Burn Tool).
  • 500407‐0803 Demonstrate color correction (i.e. variations, color balance, hue /saturation, and levels).
  • 500407‐0804 Demonstrate cropping (i.e. cropping, print sizing, straightening, and perspective).
  • 500407‐0805 Demonstrate techniques for improving images (i.e. Healing Brushes, Patch Tool, Clone Stamp and Sharpening Filter).
  • 500407‐0806 Demonstrate and use the Layers pallet (i.e. active layer, layer order, creating and deleting layers, and Opacity).
  • 500407‐0807 Demonstrate the black and white conversion process (i.e. Hue/Saturation, and Grayscale mode).
  • 500407‐0808 Demonstrate effective use of the Undo and Redo (i.e. history pallet, step forward or backward).
    500407‐0809 Demonstrate the use of the Transform tool (i.e. scale, rotate, skew, flip,
    and distort).
  • 500407‐0810 Demonstrate the use of selection tools (i.e. Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand, adding and subtracting to or from the selection).
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