Unit 1: Introduction to Computing Technology

Introduction Computers and other computing technology have become an integral part of our society. Because of that it is easy to forget that not every student will come to this course with the same background and skills. For many students this course will be the first opportunity they have to become facile with using the keyboard and navigating the internet. 

The topics in this unit are designed to allow all students to gain familiarity with computers and computing in the context of activities that give students an opportunity to work at their own pace, collaborate in groups where they can learn from each other and generally gain an overview of the many and varied ways in which computers and computing are used.

 The unit is divided into three main sections. 

  • Exploring the concepts of computer and computing by investigating computer hardware components and a variety of internet resources 
  • Exploring the use of computers in a variety of circumstances and fields 
  • The computer as a machine that needs to be provided specific instructions 

The goal is for all students in the class to reach a level of comfort in using the computer and understand that the computer is not magic. The fact that for a computer to accomplish its tasks it needs to be given precise instructions motivates the need for the problem solving techniques that will be addressed in Unit 2.

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