Here are some fabulous tips for making your survey writing easier:

1. Make sure that you have 3 questions that have number responses. They should generally begin with a phrase like "How much" or "How many".
2. Make sure all questions that have number responses are FREE RESPONSE. This is the "text" version of question on Google Forms. Do not list choices on number questions!
3. Make sure you also have 3 questions that are verbal responses.
4. It is recommended (but not necessarily required) that your verbal response questions have choices. This will make the project EASIER for you later! Always include a choice of "None of the above" or "Other" in case your surveyed friends don't feel comfortable with any of the given choices.
5. When you are done writing your survey, press "Share" and then enter your teachers email address. If you give them editing privileges, they can fix any minor problems they see without making you do it. This can speed up the process -- but its up to you.

It is so important that these surveys meet the requirements in order to do the rest of the project. Please follow directions! Thank you!
Last modified: Thursday, 14 June 2012, 4:20 PM