Introduction to the Service Learning Project

This quarter, as we focus on researching issues that affect our community and world, it's time to take our project beyond the research phase. It's one thing to understand a problem, but the next step is to DO something about it! 

This project will allow you to serve your community through education and awareness. It will give you a chance to formulate an opinion on an important issue, and then inform a wider audience so that they, too, can be informed decision makers. This is especially important at this time in your life, as you prepare to graduate and become "adults" in this tumultuous world!

Step 1:
The first step in for this project will be to create an appealing presentation designed to persuade a specific audience. You can create this presentation using one of the following  suggested tech tools:

Something else? Just clear it with your teacher!

Your purpose is to use this presentation to inform and persuade your audience about a problem in your community.

Step 2:
Publicize! In addition to sharing your presentation with your classmates, you will also share your findings through social media: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, etc. By sharing your research and conclusions, you are serving your community through education. So, get the word out!

Start thinking and planning your project now!
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