Housing Discrimination Research


Housing Discrimination Then and Now

Obviously the Youngers were discriminated against when Mr. Linder came to see them and actually offered them money NOT to move into their new home, just because of their skin color. This was illegal back then, but it was accepted because there were not many laws or agencies to help. Nowadays, there are many agencies and laws to help those who have been discriminated against. It still goes on, but not just with race anymore.

Conduct brief research of the different ways in which a person can be discriminated in housing (own or rent), the laws and agencies that are supposed to prevent discrimination in housing. You will be discussing next week your findings. Also think about whether the Youngers would have a case based on what happened to them based on your research findings on housing discrimination, then and now. Please make sure to note your sources for your post.

Here are some suggested sites to start your research:



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