A Raisin in the Sun Final Project

To wrap-up the unit for A Raisin in the Sun you are going to be creating a poem. The title of the play comes from a line in from Langston Hughes poem "Harlem" often known as "A Dream Deferred." Please re-read the poem below:

Please write a poem, using one of the theme's from the play. You must include the following elements in your poem:
1) Onomatopoeia or alliteration
2) Metaphor or simile
3) personification or hyperbole

STEP 2:Write a few sentences explaining the theme you selected from the play and how you used this theme in your poem. Also, what tone did you use and what mood were you creating?

STEP 3: Once you have created your poem and explanation, please create a SlideRocket presentation to illustrate your poem.
  1. Click on TOOLS, then SLIDEROCKET in the Moodle Menu Bar.
  2. You should be automatically logged into Sliderocket, if this does not happen,then log in using your OHSU email as the login ID and the password "student".
  3. Click "New Presentation" (green button in upper left-hand corner)
  4. Name your presentation LASTNAME.RaisinPoem(ex. DAWMAN.RaisinPoem)
  5. Use the TEXT and PICTURE tools to create your Introductory Slide and all additional slides. You will have your poem on one slide, one slide for each of the literary elements you use, and one slide for the theme explanation. (Please make sure that include the requirements listed above.)
  6. To find pictures, click on PICTURE, then Flickr (located along top menu bar). Do a flickr search to find appropriate images; check the images and choose OK (located in bottom right corner.) The image(s) will be imported into your slideshow.
  7. If you wish to add audio to your slideshow, you can click the AUDIO button and record narration for the slide by clicking the RECORD button. Additionally, you could add a soundtrack by clicking ADD AUDIO and uploading, then choosing an mp3.
  8. If you need help with the Sliderocket tools, you can click HERE for the Sliderocket Quickstart Guide.
This project will be due on 4.1

Please read through the grading rubric for this project.
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