This is a review guide for your Fahrenheit 451 exam. Please allow approximately one hour to take this exam. This exam contains essays, multiple choice and short answer type questions.

This exam is open book and in fact, I expect that you will use your book to cite examples from the text. When you cite an example from the text, be sure to put the page number. Example: (12). This exam will have short answer questions, matching and two essays. You will get to choose the essay topics.

Remember that essays are more formal than reader response. Spend an appropriate amount of time and focus your ideas. Your essay should be a couple of paragraphs long. Be sure to:
(1) introduce your essay topic and opinion at the beginning of your essay answer
(2) support your thoughts with examples
Montag changes and develops throughout this novel. By the third part,
he is a completely different man. Your next sentences should be statements of how he has changed and examples from the text. In the middle of the book, Montag becomes sick. It is almost like he is physically sick of burning books. This is a change. Even the odor of kerosene makes him sick, "He pressed at the pain in his eyes and suddenly the odor of kerosene made him vomit." (Bradbury 49).
(3) Be aware of spelling, sentences, paragraphs and other glaring grammatical errors.

(4) Summarize your thoughts at the end of the essay.


How to define the genre of Science Fiction (the elements that define a book of science fiction).

Be able to define and give examples of PROTAGONIST, ANTAGONIST, and FOILS.

Understand and be able to define and recognize: symbol, alliteration, allusion, verbal irony, personification, simile, metaphor, dramatic irony, situational irony, imagery, coda, and what a dystopic novel is.

Be sure to use the Literary Device Glossary to help you study! (located in the naviagation bar to your left)

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