Commonly Confused Words

The following is a list of words that are often confused and misused in writing. Study each word and then complete the quiz.

Affect - to influence
Effect - result (noun); to accomplish, to put into action, to do (verb)

You attitude will affect what you accomplish.
The special effects in the movie were outstanding.

Ascent - climb
Assent - agreement

The ascent to the top of the mountain was intense, but satisfying.
The president reluctantly gave his assent to the new law.

Cite - to quote
Sight - vision
Site - a place

If you do not cite your sources, it can be considered plagiarism.
When I stay up too late, my sight starts to blur.
This will be the site of the new courthouse.

Elicit - to draw or bring out
Illicit - illegal

It is very difficult to elicit a response from the students when they are asleep.
Jimmy was arrested for some type of illicit activity.

Passed - to pass
Past - a former time

He passed the turkey to Jim.
You cannot live in the past.

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