Political Campaigns

Imagine its Friday night and you have time to watch one movie with your friends. But what movie should you watch? And how do you decide?

To help you decide film companies often provide trailers for their movies. Basically a trailer is a advertisement for a movie that is designed to sell the film to the public or get them excited to see it in a few short minutes. But you can't always trust a trailer.

The film "Mary Poppins" is considered one of the greatest Disney classics of all time. The film is about two young children and their nanny. But how this film is portrayed can vary depending on what trailer you see. The two trailers shown below show actual footage and music taken directly from the film. But the sequential order and narration of the scenes leave completely different messages about the film.

Marry Poppins 1964 Trailer -

Scary Mary (2006) -

Political Campaigns are similar to a marketing department of a film industry. Political candidates attempt to sell their public image to the people in the hope that they will support them with their votes. And just like film companies politicians come up with campaign ads with the goal of glorifying themselves or demonizing their opponent.

"In America Anything is possible" - Mitt Romney campaign ad

"Mitt Romney's America" - Attack Ad

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