Introduction to Atmospheric & Oceanic Circulation

Photo courtesy of Slightlynorth/Flickr.

This week in earth systems, you'll learn a little bit more about how solar energy drives both atmospheric and oceanic circulation. In other words, the sun is what powers Earth's winds and the surface currents of the ocean. In this week's lessons, you'll become familiar with Earth's major wind systems. You'll also discover why the winds and ocean currents don't travel in a straight line. You'll learn how ocean currents affect climate, as well as what drives the movement of the ocean's deep water currents. 

In this week you have 1 assignment (14. ASSIGNMENT: Modeling Water Masses) and 1 quiz (15. QUIZ: Atmospheric & Oceanic Circulation) to complete. The assignment is a lab experiment. You will be required to develop a hypothesis about how temperature and salinity affect water density, follow set procedures to test your hypothesis, make observations about your experiment, analyze your data, and then develop conclusions/answer questions based on your findings. Both the assignment and quiz are due on Tuesday, May 29 but accepted for credit until Friday, June 1st at 3pm. 
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