How to make a goal?!

This may be a weird thing to discuss. But it is very important to be able to make concise and specific goals that help you reach certain heights throughout life. We will learning a great way to make a goal now. STAR is not something that is used only in PE or Fitness for Life. This is applicable to life! Which means all your teachers, including me, or parents could use this acronym to help them make daily goals! Try it! I dare you!

Before making any goals, use this acronym to help you. This means make your long term goal AND make many short term goals to help you reach that long term goal OVER TIME.


S: Be Specific-- This means be detailed, exact, definite, and precise. Don't be afraid to make a series of small goals that are specific that lead to the same ultimate goal.

T: Trackable- This means that you can use your exercise journal, an exercise chart, or a test to track my progress and ability to reach a goal. THIS IS IMPORTANT and why you do a journal each week.

A: Attainable- This means it is achievable, reachable, within reach, realistic. This means make smaller goals (ex: if you have not run ever, make a plan to run 10 min, not an hour!)

R: Relevant- This mean it is appropriate for the goal you're making, related and applicable. This means make sure your small goals are reaching your long term goal.

STAR is a helpful tool to assist you in making small goals that you can reach that can lead you to a long term goal.

Long Term Goal:
I want to run a 5K (3.1 miles).

Short Term Goal:
1st week-I will run 10 minutes a day for a week.
2nd week- I will measure out a mile and run that to the best of my ability each day.
3rd week- I will run more than a mile a day and run 15 minutes a day.
4th week- I will measure out two miles a day and attempt to run that each day.
5th week- I will run 2 miles a day at my own pace.
6th week- I will run more than 2 miles a day at my own pace.
All the way up to 3 to 3.5 miles a day.

Make smaller goals for your long term goals!! This is important to help you feel successful and that you can do it! You can do it! Don't forget that!

Remember STAR.
Last modified: Sunday, 19 August 2012, 4:50 PM