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    Technology Tools Q2

    This course is designed to give incoming online students a basic knowledge of how to use technology to succeed in an online setting.  Students will learn a variety of online and computer programs that will enable them to create videos, presentations, projects, posters and reports.

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    •  Technology Tools Q2 Moodle Course File
    •  Technology Tools Q2 Common Cartridge 1.1 Course File
  • Topic 1

    •  READ: Getting Started with SlideRocket Book
    •  WATCH: Sliderocket Presentation Essentials Book
    •  WATCH: Presentation Animation and Narration Book
  • Topic 2

    •  READ: Chapter 1 and 2 Study Guide URL
  • Topic 3

  • Topic 4

    •  RESOURCES Page
    •  READ: Chapter 3 and 4 Study Guide URL
  • Topic 5

    •  WATCH: The Internet Slideshow Page
    •  INTERACT: How much do YOU know about the Internet? Page
    •  READ: Search Engines Page
    •  READ/WATCH: Searching for Images Online Book
  • Topic 6

    •  RESOURCES Page
    •  WATCH: Google Maps Book
    •  READ: Google Labs Page
    •  READ/WATCH: Using Gmail Labels Book
    •  READ/WATCH: Google Earth Book
    •  READ: Chapter 5 Study Guide URL
  • Topic 7

  • Topic 8

    •  READ: Chapter 7 and 8 Study Guide URL
  • Topic 9

    •  WATCH: Ethics Page
    •  WATCH: A Fair(y) Use Tale Page
    •  READ: Chapter 8 Study Guide URL
  • Topic 10

    •  READ: Final Exam Study Quide URL