WATCH: Creating a Bookmarks Toolbar on your Browser

What is a bookmarks toolbar? A bookmarks toolbar is a feature your browser offers that allows you to create buttons that link to sites that you visit often. Here is a picture of mine:


    When I click on those buttons, it takes me to that particular site. It's much faster than typing the website into the address bar.

    Does it matter what browser you use? Nope - Any modern browser will allow you to have a bookmarks toolbar.

    How do I add bookmarks to my bookmarks toolbar? Great question, check out these screencasts. There is a screencast for google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

      Adding a bookmarks toolbar to Mozilla Firefox:

      Adding a bookmarks toolbar to Google Chrome:

      Adding a bookmarks toolbar to Internet Explorer:

      Last modified: Thursday, 14 June 2012, 4:20 PM