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    US History Q2

    As Americans, we have a rich heritage and it is our duty to understand and honor the men and women that fought four our country. Following state standards, this fast paced course will look in depth at the founding of America and continue on to the Cold War. Over the course of 2 semesters students will learn about the foundation of the United States Government, they will feel the pain of the Civil War, join in the fight during World War I and II, and everything in between. Be prepared for a grand journey as we Celebrate America.

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  • Topic 1

    The Age of Reconstruction

    •  STATE CORE: Standard 1 Objective 3 Page
    •  Introduction to Week 1 Page
    •  WATCH: Reconstruction Begins Page
    •  WATCH: Ramifications of the Civil War URL
    •  WATCH: Lincoln's Plan Page
    •  WATCH: Johnson's Plan Page
    •  WATCH: Congressional Plan Page
    •  WATCH: Impeachment of President Johnson Page
    •  WATCH: Political Reconstruction Page
  • Topic 2

    Age of Reconstruction

  • Topic 3

    Native Americans

    •  STATE CORE: Standard 1 Objective 3 Page
    •  Introduction to Week 3 Page
    •  READ: Test Review Page
    •  WATCH: Life for Native Americans Page
    •  WATCH: Uses of the Buffalo Page
    •  WATCH: The Last of the Sioux Page
    •  WATCH: End of the Native Americans Page
    •  WATCH: Trail of Tears Page
  • Topic 4

    Westward Expansion

    •  STATE CORE: Standard 1 Objective 3 Page
    •  WATCH: Introduction to Week 4 Page
    •  WATCH: Westward Expansion Page
    •  WATCH: Settlement of the West Page
    •  WATCH: Oklahoma Land Rush Page
    •  WATCH: Mining in the West Page
    •  WATCH: Bingham Copper Mine Page
    •  READ: Life as a Cowboy Page
    •  WATCH: Cowboys-- John Wayne Style Page
  • Topic 5

    The Land of Opportunity: Immigration in America

    •  Introduction to Week 5 Page
    •  STATE CORE: Standard 1 Objective 3 Page
    •  CELTIC WOMAN: Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears Page
    •  WATCH: Reasons for Immigrating Page
    •  WATCH: Arriving at Ellis Island Page
    •  READ: Understanding Ellis Island URL
    •  READ: Ellis Island Primary Source URL
    •  WATCH: Life for Immigrants Page
  • Topic 6

    Industrial Revolution

    •  WATCH: Monopoly Leaders in Early America Page
    •  WATCH: Andrew Carnegie Page
    •  WATCH: J.P. Morgan Page
    •  WATCH: Labor Unions Strike Back Page
    •  WATCH: Carnegie and the Homestead Strike Page
    •  WATCH: Newsies Strike Page
    •  WATCH: Industrial Inventions Page
  • Topic 7

    Life during the Industrial Revolution

    •  Introduction to Week 7 Page
    •  WATCH: Coming to America Page
    •  WATCH: Child Labor in America Page
    •  WATCH: Understanding the Triangle Factory Fire Page
    •  Triangle Factory Fire Page
  • Topic 8

    The United States Enters World War I

  • Topic 9

    The Battle Continues

    •  STATE CORE: Standard 4 Objective 1-3 Page
    •  WATCH: Understanding Propaganda Page
    •  WATCH: Treaty of Versailles Page
    •  READ: Wilson's League of Nations URL