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    English 12 Q2

    “To be or not to be?” Is it the “best of times” or the “worst of times”? Explore these famous questions and more in English 12. This course focuses on British literature in all of its genres: drama, poetry, the novel, short story, and nonfiction literary and informational texts. Students will also apply timeless conversations to our modern world through scholarly research and writing about current issues. Critical reading, analysis, writing, and speaking will cover the core curriculum requirements. In addition to mastering the standard core, our students will employ the latest technological tools to communicate and collaborate, and create professional, creative projects. Emphasis will be placed on skills that will be critical to a successful transition to college and beyond.

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    •  English 12 Q2 Moodle Course File
  • Week 1

    •  WATCH: Introduction to A Tale of Two Cities URL
    •  WATCH: Biography of Charles Dickens Page
    •  READ: "Meet Charles Dickens" Page
    •  WATCH: French Revolution Clip Page
    •  WATCH: Marie Antoinette Page
    •  WATCH: It was the best of times presentation URL
    •  COMPLETE: A Tale of Two Cities Reading Log Page
    •  WATCH: Capitalization Instruction Page
    •  PRINT: Capitalization Handout Page
    •  PRACTICE: Capitalization Page
  • Week 2

    •  WATCH: Introduction to Book 1, Chp. 3-4 URL
    •  WATCH: Figurative Language Page
    •  READ: Summary of Chapter 3 Page
    •  VIEW: Dover to Calais Page
    •  WATCH: Foreshadowing and Personification URL
    •  READ: Analysis of Book 1, Chapters 5-6 Page
  • Week 3

    •  WATCH: Parody Presentation URL
    •  WATCH: SNL Parody Page
    •  READ: Analysis of Parody in A Tale of Two Cities Page
    •  WATCH: Intro to A Modest Proposal Page
    •  READ: "A Modest Proposal" URL
  • Week 4

    Characterization and Setting

    Ronald Coleman as Sydney Carton from in the 1935 film adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities
    •  WATCH: Static and Dynamic Characters URL
    •  VIEW AND LISTEN: Sydney Carton Page
    •  READ: Setting of Tale of Two Cities URL
    •  WATCH: Marie Antoinette Video Clip Page
  • Week 5

    •  WATCH: Improving Paragraph Writing--Student Examples Page
    •  QUESTIONNAIRE: Improving Paragraph Writing Page
    •  WATCH and READ: "The Gorgon's Head" Page
    •  WATCH: Arguments: Claims, Reasons, Evidence URL
  • Week 6

    •  READ and WATCH: Tableau Book
    •  WATCH: Mary Poppins Tone and Mood Page
    •  WATCH: "Drink With Me" Les Miserables Page
    •  WATCH: Apostrophes Instruction URL
    •  PRACTICE: Apostrophe Practice Quiz Page
    •  MORE PRACTICE: Apostrophe Practice Quiz Page
  • Week 7

    •  READ and WATCH: Intro to Critical Theory, Freud, and Psychoanalysis Book
    •  SURVEY: What Lenses are you Wearing? Page
  • Week 8

    •  WATCH: Paragraph Revision Video Page
    •  BEFORE YOU READ: Chapter 24: "Loadstone Rock" Page
  • Week 9

    •  ESSAY: Complete Steps 1 and 2 Page
    •  REVIEW: Writing Rubric URL
    •  ESSAY: Complete Steps 3 and 4 Page
  • Week 10

    •  STUDY: Final Exam Study Guide Page