Essay Format

Essay format is important! Lack of attention to format can lead to serious grade reductions. Formatting refers to font, line spacing, margins, the title, indentations, page numbering, the way you type your name on the first page, etc. It also refers to the way you document any outside sources using references in parentheses.

In this course, and in most English courses you will encounter in high school and college, we use MLA format. MLA stands for Modern Language Association and is a way to make formatting consistent. 

Please view the following source for information on formatting. Use the zoom feature in the sample essay to read the explanations in boxes. For your first essay, pay particular attention to the following:

Font: Use Times, 12 point font with regular margin settings
Spacing: Double Space the entire essay
Name and assignment information: See sample. Do NOT make a title page!
In-text references: Review "Writing About Literature" resource as well as the "How to Write an Essay" video and the website below for guidelines on including references in parentheses after your quotations.

Click HERE for Sample Essay in MLA format

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