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    Financial Literacy Q1

    This hands-on course teaches you about financial topics that apply to your life now and to your future. Topics covered include: budgeting, borrowing (debt and credit), saving and investing, protecting against risk, and earning money. You will have opportunities to practice what you are learning with interactive games and also exercises that allow you to apply the concepts to your life. After completing the course, you will be able to take part in the National Financial Capability Challenge to demonstrate your financial knowledge. This could be one of the most valuable classes you complete!

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    •  Financial Literacy Q1 Moodle Course File
  • Topic 1

    •  VOTE: What do You Think? Survey Page
    •  VIEW: Lesson 1 Sliderocket: Financial Planning/Smart Goals Page
    •  READ: Financial Planning Page
    •  REVIEW: Interactive Financial Planning Process Model Page
    •  PLAY: Sorting out Financial Goals Game Page
    •  PLAY: Unit 1 Smart Goals game Page
    •  VIEW: Lesson 2 Sliderocket: Decision-Making Page
    •  READ: Making Decisions Page
  • Topic 2

    •  VIEW: St. Louis Federal Reserve Budgeting Module Page
    •  VIEW: Budgeting sliderocket Page
    •  Find a Partner Choice
  • Topic 3

  • Topic 4

    •  COMPLETE: What do You Think? Survey Page
    •  READ: Saving & Investing: Starting Early File
    •  READ: Time Value of Money Page
    •  WATCH: Investing and the Rule of 72 Page
    •  PLAY: Unit 3 Know Your Dough Game Page
    •  READ: Risk vs. Reward Page
    •  READ: Income & Growth Investments Page
    •  WATCH: Stock Tracking Assignment Help Page
  • Topic 5

    •  READ: Diversification & Dollar-Cost Averaging File
    •  WATCH: Dollar Cost Averaging Page
    •  WATCH: Helpful Hints for Completing Gen I Revolution Mission 1 Page
    •  WATCH: Stock Tracking Assignment Help Page
    •  PLAY: Unit 3 Review Games Page
  • Topic 6

    •  COMPLETE: St. Louis Fed module: How Much Are You Really Paying for That Loan? Page
    •  COMPLETE: Rent-to-Own or Not to Rent-to-Own Page
    •  VIEW: Credit & Debt Highlights Page
    •  PLAY: Unit 4 Review Game Page
  • Topic 7

    •  COMPLETE: What do You Think? Survey Page
    •  READ: What is Credit Page
    •  READ: The Cost of Credit Page
    •  COMPLETE: Game-It Costs What?! Page
    •  READ: Who Will Pay More for a Car? Page
    •  READ: Credit History & Score Page
  • Topic 8