PLAY: Unit 1 Review Game

Before completing the unit 1 Exam, parts I and II, review any information in the unit that you aren't completely comfortable with. You can do this by reviewing activities and the reading materials and playing this game. View this Unit 1 Review Sheet to remind you of the key terms and concepts covered in this unit. This can help you to identify concepts that you may need to review more.

To play the game: Scroll down and select 1 player (unless you are playing with someone else), then scroll down and click on the green button. Click on a question and try to answer it before clicking on the answer arrow. Next, click on "adjust score" and if you were correct, award yourself the point value of the question you answered. Then click on "Home" to go back to the game board. Click on every question on the board to complete the review. Good luck!

Last modified: Thursday, 14 June 2012, 4:19 PM