3. COMPLETE: Project 5-2 Using a Checking Account (Due 4/9; accepted for credit until 4/16)

COMPLETE: Project 5-2 Using a Checking Account

View these assignment instructions.
You will not be required to submit the deposit slips or checks-they are provided for your own practice only.

You will use the following documents to work on and complete the project:
For practice: (They are both in one document. You should print them off and practice filling in the blanks by hand)
Deposit Slips
Blank Checks
For viewing:
Checking Account Transaction Page with bank statements(hint: I would print the calendar and add the automatic transactions to it before filling in the checkbook register)

For completing & submitting:
Reconciliation form (November)
Reconciliation form (December)
Checkbook Register

For this project, before submitting it, you should compare your forms with your partner's. Make any adjustments necessary so that you both feel comfortable with your answers, then each of you submits your own documents. Collaboration is allowed for this project.:)
Submit only your completed Checkbook Register document and November & December completed reconciliation forms using "Browse" and "Upload" below. You must click on "send for marking" and "yes" in order to submit these multiple files to be graded for this project.