Week 1 Standards and Objectives

Standard 3: Students will understand principles of money management.
Objective 1: Describe the role of planning and maintaining a balanced budget.
  • (e) Demonstrate knowledge of financial transactions, checking and savings accounts and associated financial services.
  • (f) Demonstrate how to manage a checking account.
Objective 3: Describe the impact of credit on money management.
  • (a) Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods.
  • (b) Compare the services of various types of financial institution (e.g., banks, credit unions, investment brokers, loan agencies) and identify advantages of comparison-shopping before selecting financial services.
Objective 4: Describe the rights and responsibilities of buyers and sellers under consumer protection laws.
  • (a) Explain the purposes and features of consumer protection laws, agencies and courses for assistance.
  • (b) Describe ways to avoid "Identity Theft" and fraud (e.g., keep Social Security numbers secure, properly dispose of outdated documents).
  • (e) Describe ways to avoid financial scams and schemes designed to defraud consumers (e.g., Ponzi and pyramid schemes, affinity fraud).

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