18. WRITE: Your Resume Assignment (Due 5/14; accepted for credit until 5/21)

WRITE: Your Resume Assignment

When applying for a minimum-wage type of job, such as one in the fast-food industry, many employers only require applicants to fill out an employee application. However, some of these employers may ask you to submit a resume along with your application. You will need to submit a resume for just about any other higher paying position that you might apply for; for example, for jobs that require training you would receive in college or at a technical school.

A resume is an important first step. It gives employers a snapshot of your abilities and accomplishments. The goal of a resume is to give the employer information about yourself that can be read quickly, yet will interest him or her in calling you in for an interview. When you near graduation from college you can meet with an advisor from your school's Career Services Center who will give you pointers about the best way to prepare a resume for the particular field in which you will be applying.

For this assignment, you will be completing a simple resume; one that, if requested, you could turn in with your employee application, to apply at a food establishment like Subway.

Templates for preparing resumes are readily available. They give you an idea of basic information to include, as well as a pleasant-looking format. If you have Microsoft office on your computer, it has resume templates available. There are also various websites online that you can use, but for this assignment, you will need to submit a link to your resume so you will use this google doc resume template.

Assigment Instructions & Grading Criteria:
  • Click on the google doc resume template.
  • Click "use template" on the upper left of the screen to open up a copy that you can type in.
  • Fill in the resume with information about yourself, your skills, and abilities. Use your 7-1 My Skills Assignment to help you. Much of that information you already compiled should be able to transfer over.
  • You do not need to complete the references section on the second page of the template. The Objective statement lets the employer know which position you are submitting your resume for: Objective: To obtain a part-time position as a food preparer at Subway.
  • Submit the link to your google doc below following these instructions.
  • Your resume will be graded on completeness, spelling & grammar, and appropriateness of information included. If you have questions about whether or not to include something, feel free to ask your instructor. Information on a resume does not need to be written in complete sentences but should include proper language use.
    Example: Instead of saying, " I have made sandwiches lots of times before," under skills, you could write: 2 years experience as a sandwich preparer.