Week 7 Standards and Objectives

Standard 2: Students will understand sources of income and the relationship between income and career preparation.
Objective 1: Identify various forms of income and analyze factors that affect income.
  • (a) Identify sources of income (e.g., wages, investments, self-employment).
  • (b) Compare common employee benefits (e.g. insurance, leave, retirement).
  • (c) Compare income to the cost-of-living in various geographical areas.
  • (d) Analyze how economic conditions affect income.
Objective 3: Analyze criteria for selecting a career and the impact of career choices on income and financial stability.
  • (a) Describe the correlation between income and a worker's skills, education, the value of the work to society, condition of the economy and the supply and demand for workers.
  • (b) Develop career plan(s) that include educational requirements, skill development, and income potential.
  • (c) Analyze the costs and benefits of developing new skills for the workplace.
  • (d) Identify the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship/self-employment.
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