READ: Acting and Directing Advice

1 Preparing for Acting

"The Only Risk is not Taking One."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It becomes easier to take risks, if we are prepared. Do your homework. Here are some suggestions for a stellar performance.

Formula to Remember:

PREPARATION (research, rehearsal, commitment and discipline) =
COMFORTABILITY = CONFIDENCE (allows for risk taking).
Risk Taking means doing something outside of your comfort zone, it has nothing to do with shock or confrontation.

Define a "SECRET" that your character has, and PLAY YOUR SECRET. This changes the tone of the scene and of your character.

"Whatever you feel is happening, with your character, other actors or the scene, go the opposite, you might find something."

There are only SEVEN ACTABLE EMOTIONS: Joy, Hope, Anger, Lust, Fear, Hurt and Jealousy. Everything comes from one of these seven emotions. They are the only ones that you can accurately portray on the stage. If you sense something internal, and it leads to a physical reaction, it is one of the seven actable emotions.

Define the Objective. What do you want in the scene?

NO LINEAR PERFORMANCES. Don't let the material run away from you. Pull from the inside, show why you are unique. Make yourself stand out. "SHOW UP."

Define where you want to start emotionally, define the journey and where you want it to end. Make a statement that you can identify with emotionally.