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  • General

    Theater I Q2

    During this course you will complete sections dedicated to History of the Theatre, Script and Plot Analysis, basic Material Selection, using the instruments of Voice and Body and Audition Advice. In our daily lives we all experience theatrical elements. These elements are evident in political campaigns, holiday celebrations, sports events, religious ceremonies, children's make-believe, as well as in the dances and rituals of primitive peoples. However, most of us do not consider these events to be theatrical in nature. This course will demonstrate that these events are directly linked to theatre and performance. Get ready to explore the structure of a script and the importance of plot analysis. What does it mean to classify a script as male or female? Have you ever wanted to audition but weren't sure how to begin the process? This course will teach you the basics of a successful audition and how to avoid making common mistakes with voice and pronunciation. Let's get started...everyone, break a leg!

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  • Topic 1

    Shakespeare's Sonnets 

    •  READ: Introduction to Week 1 Page
    •  WATCH: Sonnet 18 Page
    •  READ: Shakespeare's Sonnets Book
    •  WATCH: Sonnet 130 Page
    •  LISTEN: Sonnet 29 Page
    •  READ: Shakespeare's Plays / Script Analysis Book
  • Topic 2

    Beginning Script Analysis 

  • Topic 3

    Northrup Frye and Script Analysis

  • Topic 4

    Beginning Vocal Warm - Ups

    •  WATCH: Voice Projection Page
    •  WATCH: The Human Voice Page
    •  READ: The Mechanics of Voice Book
    •  WATCH: Relaxation of Facial Muscles Page
    •  WATCH: Breathing Relaxation Exercises Page
  • Topic 5

    Voice Vocabulary and Vocal Warm Ups

    •  READ: Vocabulary and Importance of Vocal Warm Up Page
    •  WATCH: Phonation Page
    •  READ: Vocal Warm Ups and Tongue Twisters Page
    •  WATCH: Warm Up Words Page
    •  WATCH: Rhyming Drills Page
    •  WATCH: Short Tongue Twisters Page
    •  READ: Voice Vocabulary Page
  • Topic 6

    How to Land the Role

  • Topic 7

    Preparing for Acting and Directing

  • Topic 8

    Monologue Selection and Performance

    •  READ: Introduction to Week 8 Page
    •  WATCH: Acting Page
    •  WATCH: What is an Actor? Page
  • Topic 9

    Workshop: Final Project Completion

    •  READ: Final Project Success Page
    •  WATCH: Monologue Page
  • Topic 10

    That's a Wrap!

    •  READ: That's a Wrap! Page
    •  WATCH: Wrap Page