Here is a Rubric for How Your Art is Graded!

I just wanted to put this together to show you what I am grading your artwork on! Here is the general guidelines I will use to grade your projects! They are written from you the students perspective. They bring up questions that you should be asking yourself as you are creating the projects in this class

1.  Creativity and Imagination  33%                                         0-33    ________   

My idea is well thought out and researched. My artwork is unique and interesting. I demonstrate the ability to find original and inventive solutions through experimentation and exploration. I use my artwork as a form of expression and communication.

2.  Effort  34%                                                                              0-34    ________       

I try to do my absolute best work. I focus on the requirements of the project and demonstrate the concepts I learn. I demonstrate a high level of interest and personal engagement in my work. I am 100% satisfied with my artwork and I have used all the time necessary to accomplish this. I have put in the didactic information(information about the Title, Size of my art, Media, and what I was portraying) required with my blog posts! 

3.  Overall Quality       33%                                                          0-33     ________    

In my artwork, I demonstrate my understanding of the principles and elements of art being taught. I neatly present my work so that it looks complete by taking a clear and clean image of my work. The whole space is used and there is no evidence of an unfinished surface. I take time to arrange my image in a way that uses space in an appealing way. I demonstrate a high level of skill and technique in my work.

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