Fundamentals of XHTML: Students will use XHTML standards & coding to create “well formed”
web pages.
Objective 1: Demonstrate knowledge required to create a web page.
a. Code the foundation for a webpage.
b. Include the element tags html, head, title, and body.

Objective 2: Understand appropriate file structure and naming.
a. Use logical file structure to build websites
b. Incorporate appropriate file nameing for a website.

Objective 3: Know and use the rules to create “well formed” web pages with appropriate XHTML
structure and standards that can be validated. (W3C)
a. Use root element on all documents.
b. Use lowercase for XHTML elements.
c. Close all elements.
d. Properly nest XHTML elements.
e. Use quotes on attribute values.
f. Use full attribute form in coding
g. Close Empty elements.

Objective 4: Understand and use the DOCTYPE Declaration (DTD) in the types of XHTML.
a. Compose pages using th strict and transitional DOCTYPE.
b. Validate code according to the DOCTYPE used.
c. Incorporate frameset DTD (optional)
Objective 5: Use the required and basic XHTML elements.
a. Create pages with tags and attributes at the block and inline level.
b. Create web pages with text formatting, links, images, special characters, lists, tables, etc.

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