Research Your Artist

You need to begin researching the biography and works of your chosen subject. Please locate the following pieces of information:
  • birth
  • family
  • education
  • works created
  • impact on society
  • death
  • any other relevant information
You will also need to locate several pieces created by your artist. For example, if you chose Langston Hughes for your subject, you will need to locate two pieces he created. This may include poetry, letters, plays, paintings, etc. I would urge you to not select two novels by an artist. You will not have time to read both novels and create your project.

Below are links that may be useful to you in your search:

You may also want to use Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, to locate materials. It will be helpful to go to a library and locate needed literature, biographies, and criticisms. Please let me know if you need assistance!
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