Course Outline

Public Speaking is a course dedicated to the exploration and development of public speaking skills.

Every week you will read introductory material, and watch short video segments, 30 seconds or less, that will introduce the objectives for the week.

The lessons every week will involve reading material, and other short video selections. The video selections for this course are all short, sweet and to the point. You won't watch any video that is longer than 10 minutes. Most are closer to 2 or 3 minutes in length, with some being even shorter.

You will answer 2 discussion questions per week, where you will share your thoughts with your fellow classmates.

Every week there will be some type of an assignment. Many are question and answer. You will also create two sliderocket presentations. These are due weeks 4, and 8. They need to be at least 5 slides in length, with an extra slide for an introduction. During these weeks you will not have a self-check or quiz. In addition, you will create short videos of yourself, two to four minutes in length, performing the types of speeches that we study during the course, as well as an introductory speech. The speech for third quarter is due weeks 5. During this week, you will not have a self-check or quiz.

Your final project will also be due at the end of the fourth quarter. Your final project will consist of the sliderocket presentations that you turn in during weeks 4 and 8 in this third quarter of the course. You will combine these two presentations at the end of the fourth quarter, as well as add additional slides to cover the main "takeaways" and what you have learned throughout the course. The final draft is due week 8 of the second quarter. You will also save your final project to your electronic portfolio More information about this project is found in the next segment.

Many weeks you will have a self-check or quiz, to make sure that you are retaining your knowledge throughout.

Your instructor will be available throughout the course to answer any questions you may have.
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