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  • General

    Public Speaking Q1

    This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of public speaking. These basics include every step of the process, from researching to outlining to delivering a speech. We will also focus on the relationship between speaking and listening, dealing with nervousness, gauging an audience, and using visual aids as support. Students will be asked to give an array of speeches that will enhance their appreciation of and comfort with the art of elocution. Through oral assignments and written assignments, we will cultivate strong critical reasoning, analytical, and argumentative skills.

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    •  Public Speaking Q1 Moodle Course File
  • Topic 1

    Why Should I Take Public Speaking?

    •  WATCH: Teacher Intro. to Week 1 Page
    •  READ: What is Public Speaking? Page
    •  WATCH: Public Speaking Page
    •  READ: What will this course do for me? Page
    •  READ: How Can You Be Successful in This Course? Page
    •  READ: What is the Final Project? Page
    •  2. ASSIGNMENT: Questions for week 1 (DUE Jan. 30 accepted for PARTIAL credit until Feb. 6)
  • Topic 2

    Facing the Fear of Public Speaking

    •  WATCH: What is Fear? Page
    •  READ: Understanding Fear / Changing Expectations Book
    •  WATCH: Controlling your Fear Page
    •  WATCH: Addressing Stage Fright Page
    •  5. QUESTIONS: Fear and Public Speaking (DUE Feb. 6 accepted for PARTIAL credit until Feb. 13) Assignment
  • Topic 3

    Prepare and Practice

    •  WATCH: Teacher Intro. to Week 3 Page
    •  READ: Preparing your Speech Page
    •  WATCH: Best Practice Page
    •  READ: Prepare and Practice Book
    •  WATCH: Public Speaking, Vocal Warm Up Page
    •  WATCH: Visualizing Success Page
    •  8. ASSIGNMENT: Questions for week 3 (DUE Feb. 13, accepted for PARTIAL credit until Feb. 20)
  • Topic 4

    Voice and Ethics

    •  WATCH: Teacher Intro. to Week 4 Page
    •  READ: Voice and Ethics Page
    •  WATCH: Human Voice Page
    •  READ:Getting Acquainted with Your Voice and Ethics Book
    •  WATCH: Speech Warm Up Page
    •  WATCH: Public Speaking and Ethics Page
    •  WATCH: Ethics in Persuasive Speaking Page
    •  11. CREATE: Sliderocket on Voice and Ethics (DUE Feb. 21, accepted for PARTIAL credit until Feb. 27) Assignment
  • Topic 5

    Connecting with your Audience

    •  WATCH: Teacher Intro. to Week 5 Page
    •  READ: Connecting With Your Audience Page
    •  WATCH: Audience Page
    •  WATCH: Know your Audience Page
    •  WATCH: Audience Analysis, Culture Page
    •  WATCH: Audience Context and Analysis Page
    •  13. CREATE: Personal Introduction Speech (DUE Feb. 27, MIDTERM) Assignment
  • Topic 6

    Effective Listening

    •  WATCH: Teacher Intro. to Week 6 Page
    •  READ: Importance of Listening Effectively Page
    •  WATCH: Sense of Hearing Page
    •  READ: Effective Listening Book
    •  WATCH: Being an Active Listener Page
    •  WATCH: Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Page
  • Topic 7

    Organizing Your Speech

    •  WATCH: Teacher Intro. to Week 7 Page
    •  READ: Selecting, Researching, and Organizing Your Speech Page
    •  WATCH: Organizing Page
    •  READ: Organizing Your Speech Book
    •  WATCH: How to Pick a Public Speech Topic Page
    •  WATCH: Interesting Speech Topics Page
    •  17. OUTLINE: Elements of Organization (DUE March 12, accepted for PARTIAL credit until March 19) Assignment
  • Topic 8

    Speakers Language

  • Topic 9

    Informative Public Speaking

    •  READ: Informative Public Speaking Page
    •  WATCH: Informative Advertising Page
    •  READ: Visual Aids Page
    •  WATCH: How to pick a Public Speech Topic Page
    •  WATCH: How to Use Openers in Public Speaking Page
    •  WATCH: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs Page
    •  READ: Tip for Final Project Page