Maintaining Biodiversity

Baby gorilla Bwana playing with a stick by .m for matthijs.
The gorilla is an endangered species. Photo courtesy of
m for matthijs/Flickr. Licensed CC BY-NC-ND.

There are several reasons we should care about the extinction of plant and animal species on Earth:

1. A loss of species increases the loss of other species because they are all connected in the ecological web of life. If one species becomes extinct, there will be consequences throughout the ecosystem of which it was part.

2. A loss of species means less of a genetic pool for discovering medicines and foods for humans.

3. A loss of species means loss of their beauty and behavior, which leaves us with a world less colorful and interesting.

4. Many people in the human health field agree: activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, bird watching, and nature photography are vital for human psychological well being. Such recreation opportunities will be gone as more species become extinct.

The following pages will outline some of the arguments for maintaining Earth's biodiversity.

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