Endangered Species

Grizzly Bears. Photo courtesy of Cars Guitars and Photos/Flickr. Licensed

One way we are trying to slow or stop the extinction of species is by placing them on the Endangered Species List. Before any species can receive protection under the federal Endangered Species Act, they must first be listed on the endangered species list. The purpose of the Endangered Species Act is to not only protect the organism itself, but to also protect the ecosystem it depends on. Protecting this critical habitat could mean preventing an organism from going extinct.

As of November 2009 there are 1,200 animal species and 750 plant species included on the Endangered Species List just in the United States, and there are many more that are threatened with extinction. There are 42 endangered plant and animal species in Utah. One of those endangered species is the grizzly bear. You will learn more about the grizzly bear's status as an endangered species in the next video.

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